Welcome to our website www.fluechtlingshilfe-schneverdingen.de!

We want to provide an information platform for interested citizens and the voluntary help force of Schneverdingen, as well as for the refugees living here.

No matter what religion, nationality and party one belongs to, we try to welcome people, who had to flee from war and violence, in our city. We act for purely humanitarian reasons and do not represent any association or organization.

Would you like to know how you can help? You are looking for information for when and where things on this subject are taking place, or maybe you are looking for general information concerning help offers and pages?

Then you are just right on the spot with our homepage! Be part of it with heart and hand.

Voluntary helpers are accompanying children and parents, helping them to get along in their everyday life. The language expertise of the refugees is promoted through different language courses and private tutoring. So called “Alltagsbegleiter” or daily helpers are at their side for the first discovery of the local conditions, they help getting appointments with doctors, escort them to the authorities', etc. shared games,  feasts, excursions, cooking, work on handicrafts, singing, or making sports, each shared activity is a small piece of integration. Donations in kind and in cash also help to support such projects.
True to the motto:  Each and everyone does what he can do, and everybody is welcome!


This homepage has also been created by voluntary work. We would like to inform and motivate and endeavor greatest possible correctness of the information we provide. Should you want to complete, correct, or if you do not agree with a statement, picture or something of the kind, do not hesitate to contact us. One of our aims is also to translate many texts into English and Arabic.

We would appreciate your help. Please write to: