Café Hand in Hand

Since February 2015, a group of voluntary worker started with the “Cafe Hand in Hand." Since then voluntary workers and refugees are meeting there.
This meeting point has become the central place for refugees work in Schneverdingen. New contacts can be initiated; language barriers can be overcome while playing board games and enjoying a coffee or tea. 

Every refugee and every inhabitant of Schneverdingen are welcome here!

Please visit us:
When: Every Wednesday from 4:00 PM until 6 PM
Where: Friedenstr. 3, in the parish house of the Lutheran Church

Every first Wednesday of a month we try to provide a special event during the time of the café.

Citizens, who are interested in voluntary work and would like to help, are also welcome.  We always need people who help refugees in their everyday life “Alltagsbegleiter." Concerning this, you can read also the column assistance “Mithilfe." Maybe you have another good idea with which you can contribute. Of course, you can also support us with a financial donation

During the Café time, many questions and problems can be addressed and solved. In the core time, a staff member of the city is always available and can be addressed directly.

A bicycle repair shop has been created from our work and since February 2016, we have a meeting point for female refugees in the “Kulturstellmacherei."
We are a group of about 50 people, 30 of which are actively engaged in supporting refugees in their new world.