How can you help?

Each refugee has undergone a long way. They had to leave everything, their homes, their country. They couldn’t bring much. We try to help them to find a new home here.
If you feel the need to help, you are welcome! Even a tiny donation can have a big effect.
You can donate clothes or other material items or you can help with a monetary donation.

By monetary donations you can support local projects particularly. So your donation could help to cover for example the current costs of the Café Hand in Hand or other projects. A commission is checking the use of each donation.

You can find a list with all currently needed items below or as download.

We thank you very much for your support!

Monetary Donations

By monetary donations you can support local projects. So your donation could help covering the current costs of the Café Hand in Hand or with your help we can buy tools for the bicycle project and much more. A commission is checking the use of your donations.

You also have the possibility to determine on your own which purpose your donation has by telling us so.

Please use the following bank account for your donation with intended use: 31130 :

Kirchengemeinde Schneverdingen - Cafe Hand in Hand
IBAN: DE35 2585 1660 0000 2113 83
Mehrgenerationshaus Schneverdingen e.V.
IBAN: DE08 2406 0300 3622 3972 00

Thank you very much for your support!

Donate clothes etc.

You may bring clothes to the Kleiderkammer on Mondays between 10 and 12 AM and on Thursdays between 3 and 5 p.m. Apart of this clothes, furniture, saucepans and other material donations can also be delivered to the Tschernobylhilfe from Monday to Friday between 9 and 11 AM You can find more information about these two services at our topic first aid.

The following things are always welcome:

-          clothes for men, women, children and babies

-          gloves, caps, scarves

-          bedclothes and towels

-          good shoes

-          soccer balls, volleyballs

-          books for children, picture books and games

-          writing materials

-          card games and puzzles

-          iron, paper, old mobile devices

-          saucepans

-          cutlery

-          bags and backpacks

Please if possible put your donations in solid bags or boxes you don’t need any more. Clothes and shoes should be clean and undamaged. Clothes in extra-large sizes, suits or dinner dresses are not needed.

In addition to that the Tschernobylhilfe is always looking for special things. Please take a look at this list where you can see what is aktually needed: Spendenbedarfsliste



We’d like to say special thanks for their donations:

Fischer-Schuhprofi: this company donated spontaneously 7 pairs of sports shoes in order to make sure the refugee team was able to take part in the soccer tournament in January 2016.