Getting food for free: Die Tafel

Every Friday 13.30-15.00, refugees and Schneverdinger citizens in need have got the possibility to get food for free at the Schneverdinger Tafel.
First you may have to fill in a form, then you get a little yellow card of identification (2€) which also shows the number of your family members.
Also on Friday, you’ll get a number which tells you when it is your turn to get the food. The volunteers who work there will consider your wishes (religious reasons etc.) if possible.

  • When: every Friday 13.30– 15.00
  • Where: Am Bahnhof 1, Schneverdingen

Further information for the Schneverdinger Tafel:
The food they give you is of good and fresh quality, In Germany, too much food is produced, so that 20% of perfectly edible food is thrown away.
Die Tafel collects and sorts out the food to give it to people in need in order to support them.

You want to help? At the moment they are looking for drivers who help to collect the food.

                      Volunteers apply here please:

                 These companies support Die Tafel: