If you need a doctor

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Health information sheets for refugees
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Refugees as well as doctors may use this material to make themselves understood.

In general, if you are ill you can go to a doctor. For the doctor’s visit you need a medical insurance record card, for the dentist you need an extra dental medical insurance record card. If you feel sick at night or at the weekend or you had an accident go to a hospital or call the ambulance number: 112

You get your medical insurance record cards at the town council in Schneverdingen:

Stadt Schneverdingen, Fachdienst Soziales, Schulstraße 3, 29640 Schneverdingenan:

  • Frau Riebesell, (1. Etage), Telefon: 05193 93-501
  • Frau Schmidt, Raum128 (1. Etage), Telefon: 05193 93-504

Opening hours:
Monday, Thursday and Friday: 8:00 –12:00 am

    • You get your medical insurance record card only once in three month
    • Please note that you are only allowed to visit doctors in the Heidekreis.

      Your first visit to a doctor should be in Schneverdingen, because you have to have a letter of referral if you need further visits to specialists. This letter of referral is provided by the doctor who has got your medical insurance record card. Before you go to another doctor or specialist this letter of referral has to be authorized by Stadt Schneverdingen.


      In Germany there are different doctors for special illnesses, i.e.:

      • a family doctor or a general practitioner who is the first contact for all problems and who sends you to a specialist if necessary
      •  a paediatrician (doctor for children)
      • a gynaecologist (doctor for women). Women can go there without a letter of referral for a yearly check up or if they are pregnant or if they have got other problems.
      • a dentist

      Many doctors have their own surgery. In general, there are daily opening hours (morning and afternoon). Before you go to a doctor you should make an appointment. If you are in pain, you can go to the doctor’s without an appointment, but you might have to wait for a while.

      In Schneverdingen there are the following doctors:

      General Practitioners (family doctors)

      • Gero Domzig, Bahnhofstraße 35, Phone: 05193 6563, opening hours: Monday–Friday 8:00–12:30 and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 17:00–19:00 or on appointment
      • Bodo von Fintel, Bergstraße 10, Phone: 05193 7670, opening hours: Monday–Friday 8:00–12:00  and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 16:00–18:00
      • Dr. med. W. Kahl, Raiffeisenstraße 15, Phone: 05193 2322, opening hours: Monday–Friday 8:00–12:00 and Monday, Thursday from 14:30, Tuesday 16:00–19:00
      • Dr. med. G. Meyer and C. Huss, Schulstraße 7, Phone: 05193 6860, opening hours: Monday–Friday 8:00–12:00  and 17:00–18:00 , except Wednesdays
      • Dr. med. M. Renken and J. Renken, Verdener Straße 13, Phone: 05193 3088, opening hours: Monday–Friday 8:00–12:00 , Monday and Thursday 16:00–18:00  and Tuesday 16:00–19:00
      • Dr. med. W. Wöhler, Verdener Straße 15 b (Eingang Bergstraße), Phone: 05193 1252, opening hours: Monday–Friday 8:30–12:00  and Monday and Thursday 17:00–18:00

      Eye Specialists

      • Dr. med. W. Ahlers and A. Müller, S. Ahlers, Verdener Straße 10, Phone:05193 2071, Opening hours: Monday–Friday 8:30 –12:00  and Monday, Tuesday,Thursday15:00–18:00


      • Dr. med. P. Cordes, Harburger Straße 1, Phone: 05193 98700, Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00–12:00  and 16:00–18:00


      • Dr. med. H-H. Eimer and Dr. med. M. Eimer, Harburger Straße 1, Phone: 05193 7773, Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00–12:00  and 16:00–18:00


        • Dr. med. B. Garske, Bargmannstraße 6, Phone: 05193 972330, Opening hours: Monday–Friday 8:30–12:00  and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 15:00–18:00
        • Dr. B. Häntschel, Dr. A. Mohr-Brenneiser, Dr. R. Ihm, Inseler Straße 10, Phone: 05193 50351, Opening hours: Monday–Friday 8:30–12:00 , Monday 14:30–20:00  and Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 14:30–18:00
        • Dr. E. Hahn, Am Brammer 20, Phone: 05193 1248, Opening hours: on appointment
        • Gemeinschaftspraxis M. and B. Jalili, Oststraße17, Phone: 05193 4001, Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday 8:00–13:00  and 15:00–18:00 , Wednesday 8:00–14:00 , Thursday 8:00–13:00  and 15:00–19:00 , Friday 8:00–13:00  and 14:00–17:00
        • St. Loose, Friedenstraße 7, Phone: 05193 1257, Opening hours: on appointment
        • Dr. med. dent. J. Schulz, Geschamp 5, Phone: 05193 2275, Opening hours: Monday–Friday 9:00–12:00  and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 15:00–17:00

          Emergency service

          The doctors work for the emergency service as well. The emergency service for Schneverdingen is in the Heidekreisklinikum Soltau (the hospital in Soltau), Phone: 05191 116117, Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 19:00–21:00 , Wednesday and Friday 15:00–20:00 , Saturday, Sunday and on holidays 10:00–13:00  and 16:00–20:00.

          You can go to the emergency service without an appointment, but only in case of a real emergency. If you need an emergency doctor at home it will take some time before he arrives.

          Emergency number/Ambulance

          If you or a member of your family is in a life-threatening condition (high temperature, unconsciousness etc.) call an ambulance or the emergency doctor. The ambulance will come as soon as possible. The emergency number is 112.


          You can buy medicine in a pharmacy. Some medicine you can only buy with a doctor’s prescription. For some prescribed medicine you may be charged extra money.

          Pharmacies in Schneverdingen:

          • Bahnhof-Apotheke, Bahnhofstraße 35, Phone: 05193 52453
          • Heide-Apotheke, Schulstraße 2, Phone: 05193 1243
          • Stadt-Apotheke, Verdener Straße 13, Phone: 05193 2121

          Doctors who speak different languages
          The Ärztekammer Niedersachsen (general medical council of Lower Saxony) provides a website with addresses of doctors who speak different languages. You can find the website on the internet under the following link (click on „Erweiterte Suche“):