Translators and Interpreters

Doctors who speak different languages:

The Ärztekammer Niedersachsen (general medical council of Lower Saxony) provides a website with addresses of doctors who speak different languages. You can find the website on the internet under the following link (click on „Erweiterte Suche“):

Voluntary interpreters on the telephone: Hallenser Interkulturellen Initiative
The HIKI offers a voluntary interpretation service to help refugees to communicate with public institutions.

0345-213 893 99
More information about this great offer

Professional Support: Bundesverband der Dolmetscher and Übersetzer e.V. – BDÜ
In a data base of more than 7500 interpreters and translators you can find interpreters for almost every combination of languages. Experts offer more than 80 languages and special topics for a fee.

The contact you need you can find here: