There are several possibilities to join the refugee help. If you have some spare time you can check where your focus could be. You’re good in interpreting? You want to take care of children during the language course? School support? You want to help shaping a music- or sports program? Or you want to support a single person or an entire family and help them as everyday companion? There are already several fields where you can help. Maybe you also have your own idea? Every Wednesday afternoon, people who are interested can initiate contacts in the café Hand in Hand. It is not necessary to sign in ahead of time. Just come and have a look!

Everyday companion

The probably most important job is the support of new arriving refugees during their first steps in this new life. For this task, men and women are needed as a contact for questions and problems. They can help to open new perspectives for the future life of the refugees. Doing this is also a big help to raise thei civil and politically acceptance of the refugees and grants the protection of those who need this protection.

There are no requirements or conditions, every helper is welcome. According to the motto “without any obligation” companions are helping to set an appointment for a doctors or translating a letter for example. Sometimes it can also be a practical support like lending some tools or giving some explanations about our city which can mean a big help for the refugees. Specially at the beginning it is really helpful to exchange information with experienced active volunteers. The coordination office in Schneverdingen is listing where help is still needed. You can also get in contact with volunteers and refugees at the café Hand in Hand. After volunteers have signed a secrecy agreement they can join an information circle after the café Hand in Hand.

Tutoring children

They came from Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq… and suddenly everything has changed. While the adults stay among themselves for weeks, children have to go to school as soon as possible and face an entire new world at their new school. Meanwhile there are two language teaching classes at the KGS Schneverdingen, always for two hours a day. Otherwise the children are separated into normal classes, this quite hard at the beginning.
To ease this hard School beginning there are possibilities for tutoring. Very often, picture related learning material is used. Sometimes you communicate with hands and feet or with a game like “Memory” for example.
Most kids are learning quickly and are really happy about some extra help and time you spend with them. If that is something you are interested in, please contact us:

Supporting language courses

While children are getting in contact right away with the German language in school, it is not that easy for adult refugees to listen to or to speak the German language regularly.

In Schneverdingen there are different language courses. Some of them are only for certain groups of people other courses can be joined by everybody after having registered.During some of the language courses it is possible to support the participants and the teachers because sometimes they have to work in smaller groups depending on their level.
Of course there are also enough refugee families that are looking forward to get further private lessons.

If you have some time you can afford, please contact us:

Supporting projects

You want to help refugees by repairing bicycles together? Or you want to play soccer or do handicrafts with children? There are many fields you can join and help. Currently the “Tafel” is looking for a driver to pick up the food from the companies. Please contact us: