Everyday companion

The probably most important job is the support of new arriving refugees during their first steps in this new life. For this task, men and women are needed as a contact for questions and problems. They can help to open new perspectives for the future life of the refugees. Doing this is also a big help to raise thei civil and politically acceptance of the refugees and grants the protection of those who need this protection.

There are no requirements or conditions, every helper is welcome. According to the motto “without any obligation” companions are helping to set an appointment for a doctors or translating a letter for example. Sometimes it can also be a practical support like lending some tools or giving some explanations about our city which can mean a big help for the refugees. Specially at the beginning it is really helpful to exchange information with experienced active volunteers. The coordination office in Schneverdingen is listing where help is still needed. You can also get in contact with volunteers and refugees at the café Hand in Hand. After volunteers have signed a secrecy agreement they can join an information circle after the café Hand in Hand.