How do I let?

The county the asylum seekers have got to go to offers them accomodation. Since 1st February 2016  no more asylum seekers were sent to the local authority districts around here because all the people applying for asylum have to go to Bad Fallingbostel and Oerbke, where they stay in a sort of arrival camp. That means that at the moment Schneverdingen has got 250 refugees who live in houses or flats which they rented themselves or which were rented for them by the local authorities.

But because there is always the possibility that the situation can change quickly, the authorities would be glad for any offer. So if you would like to let a house or flat contact the following e-mail or call the following number:

Dörthe Weiher E-Mail: Phone: 05193 93-603

Initial equipment

Rooms for the refugees should be big enough and of the same quality as for any other tenant. The rooms offered can be furnished or unfurnished. If unfurnished, the authorities furnish the room: a table, a chair, a bed.

There is always a (shared) toilet, a (shared) bathroom and a (shared) kitchen. 

The refugees should be able to buy food, shoes, clothes and other household goods themselves with the money they get from the authorities. Only if a household utensil is very expensive, for example a vacuum cleaner, it is bought for them, except TV sets. They only get curtains etc. if they live on the groundfloor with windows facing the street.

If they move house, they can´t claim all this help for a second time.

If you are looking for household goods you will find help with the Tschernobylhilfe.


Conditions for letting living space

If the refugees rent a room, flat or house, there should be a regular renting contract between landlord/-lady and refugee. It should not only be for a short period of time, so that the refugee can act independently and responsibly. The town council can pay the rent directly to give the refugee financial security. Speaking of security: Whenever they rent a living space for the first time they need to undertake a brief E-check. There are no specifications concerning insurance or the period of cancellation.

A single room can be let by anybody. The conditions concerning room and rent are generally the same. If the landlord/landlady want to get to know their tenants personally, they can do so - e.g. in the Cafè Hand in Hand. All the refugees get a town council’s Welcome Folder for refugees in their mother tongue. There they get all the basic information. Here you can download the German version: Willkommensmappe.pdf

For the benefit of refugees, neighbours and landlords/landladies it is helpful to get/give support at the beginning. E.g. the separation of waste: although it is explained in the welcome folder, it might be useful to get help to understand the system. Maybe it is possible to have an “Alltagsbegleiter” (attendant in everyday-issues) or the “Koordinierungsstelle” to help the refugees at the beginning.

Are you (citizen of Schneverdingen) interested in taking up an unaccompanied child or youth? There are special rules you can ask for at the “Jugendamt des Landkreises Heidekreis” (Youth Welfare Office of the region Heidekreis). The “Bundesfachverband