Access to German job market

Making a general statement to who, when and what type of work, somebody is allowed to do is not easy. Under the link „Arbeitsmarktzugang für Flüchtlinge“ (Access to the job marked for refugees), on page 56 you can find which status leads to which authorization. Generally speaking one can say that:

It is important for refugees to gain access to the job market as quickly as possible, not only in order to be integrated but also to be able to obtain the satisfaction of being capable to sustain one’s own livelihood as soon as possible. It is relatively easy to absolve a “Praktikum” (internship or work experience) to get to know a job, without earning any money or to start an” Ausbildung” (apprenticeship). A paid employment can only be started after three months, in as far a permission has been obtained. Before receiving the permission, it will be checked if this position cannot be staffed with an EU citizen.  Technically this process is named “Vorrangprüfung” (priority check). If somebody is already 15 months or longer in Schneverdingen, the employment has to be approved also; however, there will be no more priority checks for finding out if an EU citizen is to be favored.

It depends on the respective staying permit title, which occupation can be performed. You will find more information about the different titles and possibilities, quite well explained under:  

Fragen und Antworten zum Aufenthaltsstatus und zum Zugang zur Berufsausbildung.pdf
(Questions and answers about the staying status and access to professional education).