Approval of foreign education

In most professions it is necessary letting in foreign countries acquired qualifications and completions be acknowledged in order to examine an equivalence. It is also necessary letting existing school education, study and/or other educations be acknowledged. For so called limited professions a foreign recognition is not necessary but is recommended. Involved are dual education programs and academically professions.

By a recognition it is easier for the refugees to present their qualification to potential co workers. Appropriate offices are examining the contains of their presented qualifications within three months and decide after that if these are comparable with German qualifications.

Usually the examination of completion takes place based on report card analysis. Study completions absolved in foreign countries will be tested by the central office for foreign education.

Beside the analysis of the school report card there will also be an analysis of the qualification. It will seize if it is impossible by escape circumstances to present accordingly report cards. In this case missing proofs in some profession fields can be replaced after a special equivalence progress. Here work examples, professional presentations and technical interviews can be required. In some cases, external tests can be conducted by the accordingly chamber for which courses and seminars can be arranged.

More information to this topic are available at the respective “Industrie- und Handelskammern” and on:

In addition to that we have the support program IQ: Integration by qualification which has its own outpatient clinics.

Every immigrant that comes to Germany has a legal claim on a free check on the equivalence of the job he or she did in his home country. The German agency for work or the jobcentre is covering these costs.

Another opportunity is joining in a so called adjustment course for some job branches as long as those refugees are subjected to the social welfare system. Is the employment relationship subjected to the social welfare system the refugees can get released of his job for the purpose of training while in this case the wage costs will be subsided by the Arbeitsagentur and the work permission will be expanded for this period.