Since a change concerning the law, last summer, refugees do not need the permission of the “Bundesagentur für Arbeit” (Federal Agency for work), in order to start a “Praktikum”. We differentiate different types of “Praktika”:

Mandatory internship: They will be carried out, because of school or high school statute regulation or in order to help to have a professional degree from one’s home country approved.

Internship for professional orientation: If there exists no professional apprenticeship or a reorientation should take place, or if the absolved apprenticeship has not been approved and another one should follow up.

Refugees with a staying permit can start a “Praktikum” without any limitation. Tolerated people and asylum seekers can start a ”Praktikum” for professional orientation with the authorization of the “Ausländerbehörde” (aliens administration).

On top of the above mentioned types of “Praktika” there is a program named “Perspektiven für Flüchtlinge”(PerfF) (Perspectives for refugees). The aim of this program, which is paid for, by the Federal Agency for work or the job center, is to prepare refugees for an employment subject to social insurance. This means that the participants will receive information about the job market and will receive support with their job applications activities. There will also be several weeks of “Praktikum” during this 12 week program.

When and which conditions will apply, you can read here in the manual of the Deutsche IHK (German chamber of commerce).

If a company wants to offer a “Praktikum”, it is quite easy. The City of Schneverdingen has formulated an internship contract, which can be seen here: Praktikumsvertrag.pdf    

 Do you have any questions about this subject, or would like to offer an internship or something similar? Please contact the Koordinierungsstelle Schneverdingen.